If you are considering it, God just may be calling you to serve this Christmas, this summer, this year, or for the rest of your life. Being on mission with God is a remarkable experience. Every summer God uses college students like you to radically reach lost people with the amazing good news that comes from Christ. So, what does He want you to do? Does He want you to go and share or stay and share? I know that God will reveal to you how you should proceed and what He is calling you to do. Real love for God and the lost is expressed through obedient action. Love Goes!

As you look over the following information, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Be in prayer for God to lead you through this process

  • Be open to every position as a possibility to serve Christ

  • Place your trust in God to place you in the position that He knows is best for you

  • Look honestly at your gifts, your experiences, and your desires; see how they fit with the position descriptions, but also be willing to stretch yourself and to be open to grow in areas of ministry that you may never have experienced before

  • Keep in mind that God is interested in your ability, but He is more interested in your availability

  • Review the qualifications and procedures

  • Work with your BCM Director/Church Collegiate Minister to successfully complete the application by the deadline listed for the project that you are interested in

Above all else, you should know that you are being prayed for. Listen to the Father, seek wise counsel, and be open to following Him wherever He leads.
Connie Ricks

QUALIFICATIONS for summer missionaries

  1. Mature Christians who are active members of Baptist or other evangelical churches. As specified on the IMB and NAMB websites, some positions are open only to members of Southern Baptist Churches. Other positions are open to any Christian student who is supportive of Southern Baptist ministry.
  2. A heartfelt desire to verbally share the Gospel with the lost.
  3. Flexible and willing to serve others with a humble spirit.
  4. Spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy.
  5. Leaders and active workers in Baptist Collegiate Ministry activities.

APPLICATION PROCESS for summer missionaries

Students will complete an online application applying directly to NAMB (http://mobilizeme.sendnetwork.com/missionary-opportunities) or IMB (http://www.imbstudents.org/). To be eligible for scholarships, students must serve in SBC affiliated positions. The primary criterion for a qualifying position for a Florida Collegiate Mission’s scholarship is that the selected position receives Cooperative Program funds from a national, state or local level.

ORIENTATION & COMMISSIONING for Summer missionaries

  • Students are required to attend the Missionary Learning Retreat at St. George Island Christian Retreat Center to be eligible for the scholarship assistance.
  • Orientation materials will be provided by the Office of Collegiate Ministries and will also be available on-line for students who are unable to attend orientation to download or read online.
  • The commissioning service is held in conjunction with the Missionary Learning Retreat at First Baptist Church, St. George Island, Florida in late March.

SCHOLARSHIPS/FUNDING for summer missionaries

Students serving for more than one month service (30 plus days) will receive a $300 scholarship; students serving for two weeks service (14 plus days) will receive a $200 scholarship; and students serving one week (7 plus days) will receive a $100 scholarship from the Office of Collegiate Ministries to assist in paying for their flight, per diem, passport/visa costs and immunizations. There will be a cap on the number of students allowed to apply for this funding as determined by available funding each year. The Office of Collegiate Ministries will help coordinate fund raising upon request by students. 

Contributions for this fund will come from student-raised funds from campuses, Maguire State Mission Offering, individual donations and other miscellaneous contributions. 

Students applying for short-term mission’s teams throughout the year other than summer (one to two week assignments) will receive $50 scholarship per person for the first 50 that apply each year. This is to assist in paying for their flight, per diem, passport/visa costs and immunizations. 

Funding for scholarships will be awarded in priority as follows:

  1. Partnership trips

  2. Individual applicants

  3. SBC Church-Based trips

All scholarships must be approved by the mission’s committee.


The Office of Collegiate Ministries will coordinate all travel insurance for students receiving scholarships. All expenses for insurance will be paid by the BCM Collegiate Missions Fund