Since 1924 we have been reaching students on the college campus. Our desire is to see a generation of college students rise up to change the world.

Our Mission

Florida BCM partners with the church to reach college students for Christ 


  • Assist churches and association in developing ministries with collegians.

  • Campus ministers are available to assist churches in collegiate ministry training and speaking opportunities.

  • Students/Student teams are a good source of energy for associational mission projects and ministries.

How we do it

  • Reaching students on the campus

  • Developing faithful followers of Christ

  • Connecting students to the local church

  • Shaping students into leaders who influence culture

  • Sending students across the campus and around the world

Where we do it

These are the major cities in Florida where we have BCMs located. However, many other schools in other cities may be listed within each area.

bcm state map.jpg